Dear Parents,

Your child has expressed interest in playing soccer for the school soccer team.  If you receive this letter today your kids are wanting to play soccer this year.  They will need a couple of items.  They will need cleats (preferably) or running shoes and shin pads should be a must, encase they get kicked which could easily happen.  Look around and ask for extra equipment.

Because the district has not had soccer for 3-4 years it has been slow going to get things moving.  We will have 2 big soccer dates right now.  Oct 4th Tuesday and there will be a big district soccer tournament after thanksgiving.

I have had interest from 15 kids, and we will be able to borrow a couple of kids from other schools to help us out if needed.

Our goal is to have fun and build back what we had going before COVID.  I’ll show the kids some positioning and how to kick the ball and pass but they will learn on the fly.  I’ll be refereeing games, so I’ll be able to teach kids as we are playing.

The bus has been reserved for Oct 4th with Dr. Mike as a driver.  When a schedule is produced, I’ll make sure this information gets home to parents, and if you’d like to come and watch and help, please do.

Thanks for your support with this and hope to have a fun a couple of days with the kids playing some soccer.

Mr. Oliveira

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