Teachers are diligently getting ready my blueprint for parents. If you are new to myblurprint please take a look at the link below.



Students in the K-3 class have all had invitations sent to parents that were not linked up from last year. If you are linked up already you have access. I am sending home the primary QR Code for parents to see their portfolios if that is all you wish to do. The idea will be weekly students’ works will be posted online with a touch of writing explaining and reflecting on each item posted, which requires parents to have their own access to their child’s portfolio.

Children will receive assistance from their big buddies with this task this year and the teachers. This part will be new for most children as in previous years as Mr. Oliveira snapped photos and posted items solely. This year there will be help for kids. Parents will be encouraged when myblueprint is up and running to check weekly and engage with the posts for kids and teachers to answer back and communicate about what they are doing, enjoying, and reflecting on.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.


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