In class, we continue to focus on parts of stories and story maps.  I really like sharing the elements of stories with children hoping that there will be excited about literacy and books.  We will continue to explore more stories and create more maps.  For our latest map students are creating their own stories.  The theme was loosely based on Halloween.  I wanted children to just write.  The stories are almost complete and I will then correct them and have kids rewrite them as a good copy with pictures to come home.  I hope to accomplish 2 stories per term per student this year.  Most students are enjoying writing so far.  We are working on our writing books as well to build some better writers.  We continue to do words each week with word work and have kids read every day which they enjoy.  In math, we are focusing on our mental math skills to build fluency in addition and subtraction.  Each week children are completing a unit or two of math in various concepts such as numbers, and operations and some are even playing with how to move shapes with me this is being supported by our online mathseeds program. I am doing my best to keep up with most activities on my blueprint, which I hope is giving parents a look inside the class.

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