Hello Primary Parent,

Our class this year is composed of 18 kids from Grade K-3.  For the more academic times of the day, K-2 children will be together, which are only 11 kids.  We are getting started with figuring out what the year will look like but here is a snapshot with some reminders.

  • Literacy block will take place with word work, journal, building writing, and reading time as our areas of focus.
  • Our word work program is changing and once implemented parents in K-2 will be notified.
  • Math will involve another center’s approach with the math seeds math program continuing this year.  I am hoping to add another rotation this year that would support some free fun math play such as (games, dot-to-dot, coloring, and practicing math fluency activities).
  • The afternoons will have various activities from the choice time and gym to buddy time (various activities) with the intermediate class in the afternoon.
  • Primary Plan – attached is the schedule.
  • Reminder to have a change of clothing for primary kids in their bag, dress for the weather, snowsuits are a must during the winter season, and always bring a smile.
  • If you ever need anything from me please email me at patrick.oliveira@sd51.bc.ca

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