Terry Fox run @ BWCS please come and run or walk with the kids this year!
This year’s route is 4 km.
Start – School Parking lot
Run towards Happy Valley Day lodge, take the trail in between that and the outdoor washrooms, and follow the trail uphill to the bridge and all the way behind Stonegate to the village. Go under the bridge into the village and up the stairs past the market and Snowshoe Sams.
ROAD CROSSING – Snowshoe Sams to the trail which leads to the 10 skiers parking lot.
From the 10 skiers’ parking lot head to the summer road and straight across to Silver Tip Landing, through their parking lot, and under the skier’s bridge. Down snow pines way to the trail which is between 5905 and 5895 Snow Pines Way (just a couple of houses down), follow this trail down to the end of the summer road and continue down the back of the houses towards the patrol hut, there’s only 1 trail down that way so it’s easy to spot. When you get to the bottom turn left towards the patrol hut, when you get there take the trail in between the patrol hut and the race club hut to the bottom of the ridge and snow ghost.
ROAD CROSSING – A little bit on the road to the Happy Valley Turnoff (I went up the road but you can go into the water treatment plant and there’s a trail to the left of the propane tanks, I’m not sure if Mo and Darcy will want us in there though)
Along the side of the construction until you can cross the parking lot and head back to the school.

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